Sunday, October 26, 2008

Erik the Missionary

On October 22, Erik entered into the MTC. He was really ready to go. What a prepared elder he is. It was a busy week what with his farewell at church, dinner with the family, his setting apart as an elder on Oct. 15, and finally his entrance into the MTC. He will be a great missionary.

One thing the MTC President said in his talk to the parents and the missionaries that really impressed me was this: "Mothers don't you worry when you hug your missionary for the last time for 2 years because as he walks through that door he will walk right into the arms of the Savior and you won't have to worry about him." I thought that that was the sweetest thought to give a mother whose son is leaving for a mission that I have ever heard. Erik will be at the MTC for 3 weeks preparing to leave.

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Jami said...

Yay Grandma finally posted again!! Erik is going to make a great missionary, we thought his talk was so good.